The Process

We’re looking for high quality music that moves us.

Emerging and Established Record Labels, Managers, and/or Artists Accepted

Amazing Music

‘Nuff said, right? We want to be inspired. All genres are accepted during the application and distribution process, but, we want it to be awesome, unique, cool, and innovative.

A Strong and Consistent Brand

You’ve got a strong and original visual brand across all of your social channels, websites, and cover art. We look at your main website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

Fan Engagement & Audience Strategy

You or your artists are active across social media and DSPs and have an engaged, active, and growing audience. We look for # of followers, growth statistics, and the general health of an artist’s community.

Traction on Digital Service Providers

You have strong and growing monthly listeners on Spotify and Apple Music. You’re killing it on SoundCloud or YouTube.

Music Distribution, label services, music marketing, playlist promotion


Apply for Distribution

Submit an application to be considered for our services. We're selective about who joins Symphonic to ensure we can provide the best service possible for every client. Artists, labels, management, and/or distribution specializing in any genre are welcomed to apply.

Digital Music Distribution, Music Marketing
Music industry internships, label services, music marketing, playlist promotion


We review

If approved, you'll have access to deliver your music to major providers such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and more, while maintaining 100% of your music’s rights. In addition, you'll have options to?deliver your music videos?to top performing video platforms as well as take part in additional service offerings such as YouTube and Soundcloud Monetization, Sync Representation, and more.?Take a peek at who has partnered with us.

Artists We’ve Distributed

久久人人97超碰_成 人 综合 亚洲另类_日本一级毛片高清完整版